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The Rampant Gardener

The Rampant Gardener

In any garden or landscape trees and shrubs are among the most versatile of plants. They offer a variety of sizes, colours, textures and fragrances and can serve as the backbone of a foundation planting, hedging, screens or as stand alone specimen.  


All of our trees are listed by their genus / variety names, not their common names as some trees and shrubs can have various pseudonyms depending on where you live. Where possible we will add these multiple names to the product finder listings to aid you in your search.  Have a look at our tree list page for a summary of alternate names.


How To Care For Trees And Shrubs  Click on this link to find out !


If you can not find what you are looking for or want to skip through the web site to pinpoint something in particular go to the product search page and type your word or phrase in the search box


We have also added two separate sections Hedging and Bonsai that highlight  trees and shrubs from the main index which are used for these special practices


Trees and Shrubs Main Page

Our aim is to provide you with strong well rooted stock all year round.  We look after our stock in a way that makes them available for most of the year, if not quite all of it.  If items are temporarily unavailable we will endeavour to provide you with an estimated time of its return.  You can place an order for them and reserve stock in advance.


How Do We Grow Our Stock? Click on this link to find out !