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The Rampant Gardener



Any plant which is to be planted outside (HA, HHA, HHP, HHSh.) should be well hardened off beforehand. This is best achieved by placing the plants outside in a cold frame for around a week before planting out. The frame can be left uncovered during mild weather but always replaced at night. Alternatively if no frame is available move the boxes outside to a sheltered spot during the day and bring indoors at night.



Our aim is to provide you with outstanding quality seeds, specially selected to fill your garden with height, depth and especially colour. We provide you with sowing instructions for each packet of seed you purchase. If you are concerned about your abilities do not panic, instead have a look at our germination guide to see how easy the ‘special treatments’ really are, and remember most seeds just require being put in a pot of compost and watered occasionally. Each packet has a generous amount inside except a few, where the rarity or actual seed size restricts our supply and in these cases we state the amount.


The majority of our seeds are field grown and as these are open-pollinated occasional variations may occur and we can not be held responsible other than for replacement seeds. The coloured leafed varieties sometimes produce a few pure green leafed plants amongst the many true ones as a matter of course. The variegated ones do not tend to show through until after the 3rd or 4th leaf is produced.



Many seeds can be sown indoors at almost any season of the year. Others, for example bedding plants, have a much limited sowing season because the plants need to be at just the right stage when planted out. We therefore offer the following general guide to sowing times. Your actual time of sowing will depend a great deal upon the steady temperature you can maintain in your greenhouse/propagator, soil, local conditions etc.



Don’t forget to take a look at the special offers page for our current savings and the small print which will give you the low down on our charges and terms.

Why not give something special to a loved one, maybe a gift voucher, gardening item or something handcrafted.


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