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The Rampant Gardener

The Rampant Gardener

Eucalyptus gunnii, Cider Gum or Gunnii is a small to medium sized tree. Older specimens have a short, massive bole and large, spreading branches. The bark is often persistent for several metres as a thin, grey stocking, or shedding all over to leave a smooth, yellowish, patchy surface, weathering to white, green or pink-grey. Leaves are stalked, elliptical to ovate, to 8 x 3 cm, con-colourous, grey-green & thick.
White flowers are produced in mid summer.
E. gunnii is endemic to Tasmania, occurring on the plains and slopes of the central plateau to around 1100 metres, with isolated occurrences south of Hobart.
This species is noted for exceptional cold tolerance and is now very common across the UK and some parts of Europe. Fast growing it will produce a 50ft tree when mature, with growth rates of up to 6ft per year. Pruning can be employed to maintain the tree as a small shrub if required and more shaded spots will restrict growth. It does not grow well on sandy/chalky soils or very wet sites. The foliage will change as the tree matures from a round leaf of waxy blue colour to a more elongated rich green foliage in the older tree but if maintained as a shrub the juvenile appearance will remain.

Ideal as a Specimen
Eucalyptus Gunnii - Gum Tree / Cider Gum
Starter trees are 60 - 90 cm high
1 - 3 £4.50 each
4 - 6 £4.00 each
7+    £3.50 each



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Eucalyptus Gunnii

Gum Tree / Cider Gum