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The Rampant Gardener

The Rampant Gardener

Berberis thunbergii (Japanese barberry or Thunberg's Barberry) is a species of Berberis, native to Japan and eastern Asia.
It is a dense, deciduous, spiny shrub which grows 1 - 2 m high. It has deeply grooved, brown, spiny branches with a single (occasionally tridentine) spine (actually a highly modified leaf) at each shoot node. The leaves are green to blue-green, very small, spatula to oval shaped, 12 - 24 mm long and 3 - 15 mm broad; they are produced in clusters of 2 - 6 on a dwarf shoot in the axil of each spine. The flowers are pale yellow, 5 - 8 mm diameter, produced in drooping 1 - 1.5 cm long umbrella-shaped clusters of 2 – 5; flowering is from mid spring to early summer. The fruit is a glossy bright red to orange-red, ovoid berry 7 - 10 mm long and 4 - 7 mm broad, containing a single seed. They mature during late summer and autumn and persist through the winter. Atropurpureum is distinguishable by its deep purple leaves.

Cultivation and uses
It is widely grown as an ornamental plant, both in Japan and elsewhere in the temperate Northern Hemisphere. Numerous cultivars have been selected, including plants selected for yellow, dark red to violet, or variegated foliage, erect growth (for hedge use), and dwarf size. It is sometimes confused with Berberis canadensis (American Barberry), Berberis vulgaris (European Barberry), and other deciduous Berberis species; it is most readily distinguished by the flowers being produced in umbels, not racemes.
Ideal for Bonsai and Hedging
Berberis Thun. Atropurpureum - JapaneseBarberry (Purple)
Starter trees are 15 - 30 cm high
1 - 3 £3.75 each
4 - 6 £3.25 each
7+    £2.75 each



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Berberis Thunbergii Atropurpurea